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#40Days40Fintechs: Lusuku Online links farmers to buyers

By Our writer Many small farmers in Uganda usually sell their produce at giveaway prices as middlemen often exploit them by offering low prices even when the prevailing market prices are higher. This mainly happens because of lack of market information. However, this could soon be history, if all farmers adopt online technologies that seek […]

Registration for 40 DAYS 40 FINTECHs kicks-off.

KAMPALA, UGANDA – May 13, 2020. As part of its on-going Financial Inclusion efforts, HiPipo has today launched the 40 DAYS 40 FINTECHs initiative with online registration currently underway. 40 DAYS 40 FINTECHs, running from  25th May to 5th July 2020 will have 40 Africa based FinTech companies get introduced to Mojaloop OSS and guided […]

Mojaloop Foundation set to boost Digital Payments in developing countries.

The availability and affordability of digital financial services (DFS) in developing countries is set to further improve with at-least 500 million people targeted as direct beneficiaries. This follows the recent formation and launch of the Mojaloop Foundation by global tech leaders, with its initial sponsors being Coil, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, ModusBox, Omidyar […]

Bill Gates Bestowed with Africa’s Financial Inclusion Medal Of Honor – at #DIAA2019 #IncludeEveryone

HiPipo, through its Include Everyone program is delighted to celebrate global business leader Bill Gates with a Digital Impact Awards Africa honor, the ‘Africa’s Financial Inclusion Medal of Honor.’ The Africa Financial Inclusion Medal of Honor is awarded to an individual or organization that has made exceptional contribution to Africa’s Digital space, by specifically taking […]

Payments Solutions for the Poor – #DIAA2017

While mobile financial services are now available in many emerging markets in Africa, active usage as a factor of sustainable financial inclusion still desires to be improved by bridging the crucial gap between registration (account opening) and active usage. This will require providers to design products and services that are not simply ‘great ideas,’ but […]

Best Brand on Social Media! Submit Entry!!

#DiFiExpo – DIGITAL AND FINANCIAL EXPO Featuring Digital Impact Awards Africa #DIAA2017 will celebrate brands that have effectively embraced and made impact with social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Blogs, and more for its communication. The categories are; Best Technology or Media Brand on Social Media Best Financial Services Brand on Social […]

Best Digital Marketing Campaign: DIAA 2015 Nominees Brief

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technologies to reach and convert leads into customers. The key objective is to promote brands, build preference and increase sales through various digital marketing techniques. With so many digital channels available for brands, from the obvious […]

Best Mobile App: DIAA 2015 Nominees Brief

Mobile apps are add-on software for handheld devices, such as smartphones and personal digital assistants (PDA). Among the most prevalent are games, social networking, maps, news, business, Sports, Classifieds, weather and travel information. All of these leverage at least one of the device’s technical features: communications interfaces (Wi-Fi, WiBro/mobile WiMAX, GSM/EDGE, W-CDMA/UMTS/HSPA and Bluetooth among […]

Best Mobile Devices Brand: DIAA 2015 Nominees Brief

Governments throughout the ecosphere are striving to bring information and communication technologies (ICT) to everyone. In a way to Drive Digital Communications Ahead, Policy-makers and telecommunications services providers need to dedicate time to educating consumers about digital content (data), devices, plus the various online hazards, so that customers can fully understand the potential of the […]

Best Digital Inclusion Impact: DIAA 2015 Nominees Brief

Digital Impact Awards Africa (DIAA) 2015 Best Digital Inclusion Impact category looks at companies that have made it possible for individuals and groups to access and use information and communication technologies. Digital inclusion is achievable with affordable access and usage of digital technologies by citizens. The nominees for this category are organizations that have made […]