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Include Everyone program is a collection of related financial inclusion outreach projects including hackathon, expo, summit, awards and research. The projects are managed in a synchronized way to obtain maximum benefits of ensuring impactful engagement  of financial inclusion stakeholders to effectively promote approaches that will enable financial inclusion for everyone.

We believe that an economy that includes everyone benefits everyone. As such, the program sensitizes operators and service providers to bring financial services to the poor through the use of innovative business models, and mobile technology. We also believe that successful and impactful financial inclusion efforts must be well researched, modeled, positioned, promoted, marketed, distributed, and critiqued as well as celebrated and awarded where possible.

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Patrick Adengo

Managing Director Stalworth Consulting Group

Damali Ssali

Trade Development Expert.

Prof. Maggie Kigozi

A motivational speaker and role model

Hon. Karubanga David

State Minister of Public Service in the Uganda Cabinet.

Charles Achieng

Chairman - Cross Border Traders Association, Busia

Muganzi Ronnie

Head Agent Banking - Stanbic Bank

Cedric N’guessan

Group Head of FinTech Strategy and Products | MTN GROUP

Lloyd Jonathan Busuulwa

Ag. Head of Alternative Channels - dfcu Bank

Francis M Lwanga (Dr.)

CEO - Zambia Electronic Clearing House Limited

Kamal Budhabatti

Founder and CEO of Craft Silicon, a Kenyan software company. Kenya’s Bill Gates(Forbes),

Bob Paul Lusembo

Head of Savings & E-business at Pride Microfinance Limited (MDI)

George Muga

Head of Market Infrastructure at Financial Sector Deepening (FSD) Uganda

Doreen Lukandwa

Head of Marketing & Customer Success



Bid Keval

Head Transaction Banking - Standard Chartered Bank

Innocent Wemesa

Digital Manager - Standard Chartered Bank

Warren Carew (Dr.)

Vice President and General Manager of ModusBox EMEA

Christopher Ssali

Senior Manager MFS, MTN Uganda

Abdul Ssebagala

FinTech Expert, MTN Uganda

Segujja Steven

Head Enterprise Banking - Stanbic Bank

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  • 12 Persons
  • Full Day Summit Attendance
  • Awards Gala and Dinner
  • 1 Panel Session at Summit
  • Exclusive C-Level Summit Keynote

Event FAQS / find your answers

Nominees must have substantially contributed to digital space in Uganda, East Africa or Africa at larger. Entries should be offering innovative, useful or engaging digital (web, mobile, social media) content, applications, services or utilities including digital financial services with good cybersecurity practices.
Nominees may be of companies (Corporate/SMEs), nonprofit organizations, individuals, digital applications, projects, platforms and promotions.
All nominations must contain a reason, for nominating the organization and/or project plus detail about the organization digital products and campaigns with internet link to web resources that can be referenced.
Anyone may submit a potential Digital Impact Awards Africa nominee. You may also nominate your company.


  1. Africa: Best Digital Financial Services Platform
  2. Africa: Best Digital Financial Services Interoperability Initiative
  3. Africa: Best Digital Financial Services Integrator/Aggregator
  4. Africa: Best Digital Financial Services Innovation
  5. Africa Best Digital Enablement (Internet Services, Devices, Mobile Financial Services, Mobile Apps)

Uganda /East Africa

  1. Best Digital Banking (Online, Mobile, Social Banking)
  2. Best Digital Financial Services (Saving and Lending)
  3. Best Digital Financial Services (Mobile Payments)
  4. Best Digital Financial Services (Cards Payments)
  5. Best Digital Financial Services by Microfinance
  6. Best Digital Customer Experience (Financial Services, Telecom, IT)
  7. Best Digital Customer Experience (Utilities, Consumer Goods, Government Services)
  8. Best Brand on Social Media (Financial Services, Telecom, IT)
  9. Best Brand on Social Media (Utilities, Consumer Goods, Government Services)
  10. Best E-Service/E-Commerce (Utilities, Consumer Goods, Government Services)
  11. Best Digital Embrace (Non-Consumer Facing Brand)
  12. Best Digital Innovation of the Year
  13. Digital Brand of the Year
  14. Best Digital Awareness Initiative (Financial Literacy, Cybersecurity)
  15. Best Digital Enablement (Internet Services, Devices, Mobile Financial Services, Mobile Apps)
Submission for nomination will be evaluated and decided by the Research Panel whereas final awards winners will be decided by the Jury Panel 5-7 Person Jury: These will evaluate and decide all awards winners 5-9 Person Research Panel: Will decide on nomination and will compile technical evaluation based on set research mythology and evaluation criteria for the different categories. The research panel findings will be submitted to jury for final verdict.

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  1. CEO/MD,
  2.  C-Level Executive (e.g CMO, CIO, COO, CFO, GM),
  3. Marketing Executive,
  4. Digital Executive,
  5. IT Executive,
  6. Advertising Agency Executive,
  7. PR Agency Executive,
  8. Customer Experience/Service Executive
  9. Sales Executive
  10. “Customer”
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Kamal Budhabhatti is Africa’s FinTech CEO of the Year.

HiPipo, through its Include Everyone program recently honoured ‘Kenya’s Bill Gates’ – Kamal Budhabhatti with the Africa FinTech CEO of the Year award. According to HiPipo CEO, Innocent Kawooya, “the Africa FinTech CEO of the Year award goes to an outstanding Chief

Dr Warren D Carew receives Africa FinTech Leadership Award.

Leading Digital Financial Services (DFS) technologist, Dr Warren D Carew was recently honoured with the Africa FinTech Leadership Award. The award was presented by HiPipo through its Include Everyone program. According to HiPipo CEO, Innocent Kawooya, “the Africa FinTech Leadership Award is


Experts have advised financial institutions to rethink their digital strategies so as to have the targeted customers consume them. According to Dr Magie Kigozi, financial institutions need to do extensive research before jumping onto the bandwagon of digitization, with the assumption that

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