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2ambale is digitizing fashion and art

Our Reporter. Uganda has a huge but largely underdeveloped fashion industry. According to a November 2020 article by The East African newspaper, “Uganda’s fashion industry is characterized by struggling ventures, semi-professional small-scale production, and lack of infrastructure, institutions and government support.” Even so, while thousands of Ugandans continue to find their space in fashion and […]

Over a million people benefit from FutureLink Technologies’ Financial Services

Our Reporter. FutureLink Technologies is a community-driven marketplace for affordable financial services. It is licensed by the Bank of Uganda as a digital national payment systems operator. They work to enhance the financial resilience of Africa’s low and middle-income earners through a community-driven marketplace where consumers access a variety of financial services, mainly credit, most […]

Linmart is connecting businesses to a free online market

Our Reporter. Linmart is an online marketplace that links manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and shoppers to one platform called a MARKET for convenient, timely and cost-effective transactions. Started in October 2021, Linmart is an easy-to-use product where vendors sign-up for free and buyers just use their smartphones, pads or computers to conveniently contact sellers and […]

SafeBoda has transitioned into a Super Transport and FinTech APP

Our Reporter. The word ‘SafeBoda’ is now a household name for the majority of Ugandans who especially use Boda Bodas – motorcycles for movement in Kampala Metropolitan region. For many Ugandans, riding on a boda boda used to be an unsafe experience because the riders were reckless, didn’t have customer care and you couldn’t bargain […]

Kuzimba takes the entire building value chain online

Our Reporter. When Ephrance Eunice Namugenyi’s father started a paver and block-making business, he contacted his daughter to use her Information Technology skills to market his products. The two sat down and agreed to do something much bigger; create a digital marketplace for building materials. “I also work at Kyambogo University where I meet students […]

PayLater; Uganda’s Online Shop That Allows Installments

Our Reporter. Many young corporates harbor dreams that would satisfy their heart’s desires. They would like to have nice cars, trendy phones, beautiful TV sets, durable furniture, name it! But their meager salaries are only enough for the daily essential needs. So, they keep dreaming! However, PayLater Uganda has come to make these dreams a […]