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Women In FinTech Magazine January 2023 Edition #LevelOneProject

We are excited to share with you the Women In FinTech Magazine—January 2023 edition. A magazine that is solely dedicated to Women In FinTech. These women have set an example for other women to follow. The #WomenInFinTech magazine increases the visibility of female leaders in the field and strengthens their connections to other participants. It also […]

FinTech and IIPS in Africa – A 40 Days 40 FinTechs #LevelOneProject 2022 report

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has transformed Africa’s financial infrastructure. Initial focus has been on giving rich and middle-income users access to advanced digital financial tools. However, the Financial Technology (FinTech) industry will not support sustainable and inclusive growth fully unless all consumers, including low-income and vulnerable groups, which are usually excluded by the traditional […]

2ambale is digitizing fashion and art

Our Reporter. Uganda has a huge but largely underdeveloped fashion industry. According to a November 2020 article by The East African newspaper, “Uganda’s fashion industry is characterized by struggling ventures, semi-professional small-scale production, and lack of infrastructure, institutions and government support.” Even so, while thousands of Ugandans continue to find their space in fashion and […]

Over a million people benefit from FutureLink Technologies’ Financial Services

Our Reporter. FutureLink Technologies is a community-driven marketplace for affordable financial services. It is licensed by the Bank of Uganda as a digital national payment systems operator. They work to enhance the financial resilience of Africa’s low and middle-income earners through a community-driven marketplace where consumers access a variety of financial services, mainly credit, most […]

Linmart is connecting businesses to a free online market

Our Reporter. Linmart is an online marketplace that links manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and shoppers to one platform called a MARKET for convenient, timely and cost-effective transactions. Started in October 2021, Linmart is an easy-to-use product where vendors sign-up for free and buyers just use their smartphones, pads or computers to conveniently contact sellers and […]

SafeBoda has transitioned into a Super Transport and FinTech APP

Our Reporter. The word ‘SafeBoda’ is now a household name for the majority of Ugandans who especially use Boda Bodas – motorcycles for movement in Kampala Metropolitan region. For many Ugandans, riding on a boda boda used to be an unsafe experience because the riders were reckless, didn’t have customer care and you couldn’t bargain […]

Kuzimba takes the entire building value chain online

Our Reporter. When Ephrance Eunice Namugenyi’s father started a paver and block-making business, he contacted his daughter to use her Information Technology skills to market his products. The two sat down and agreed to do something much bigger; create a digital marketplace for building materials. “I also work at Kyambogo University where I meet students […]