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“A recent study in Uganda by Digital Impact Awards Africa 21 revealed that over a three-month period, each of the five million regular users of mobile financial services saved at least 12 productive hours that would otherwise have been spent travelling to a financial institution and dealing with traditional transaction and payment methods” Find out more





Summit Topics

OTT, Mobile Money Taxes: Is Government Nurturing or Crippling Digital and Financial Inclusion?

OTT, Mobile Money Taxes

  1. Is Government Nurturing or Crippling Digital and Financial Inclusion with OTT, Mobile Money Taxes?
  2. Are there better ways to implement OTT, Mobile Money Taxes?
  3. Financial Services for the Poor: Is OTT, Mobile Money Taxes exposing stakeholders double standards?


  1. SIM Registration Impact on Adoption of Fintech, Regtech, for Sustainable Digital Driven Financial Inclusion
  2. Current state of E-Government adoption of Regtech

Digital for Africa Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA)

  1. How will Digital drive Africa Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA)?
  2. Will Digital Currency be the single African currency that will drive Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA)?

National Financial Inclusion Strategies (NFIS)

  1. Develop the credit infrastructure; What models will deliver better micro lending products?
  2. Build the digital infrastructure; What digital infrastructure will drive interoperability?

  1. How can stakeholders boost interoperability?
  2. Interoperability between mobile money and banks, or among mobile money providers
  3. Merchant payments, online and offline, including delegated authentication of transactions
  4. Bill payments and instant notification of payment
  5. The continental payment switch, what has to be done?
  6. International transfers    
Agency Banking

  1. Industry Status: What are the early gains?
  2. What are the lessons learn from teething challenges and what should we improved?
  3. What digital infrastructure will drive more efficient agency banking?

Digital Currency and Blockchain technologies

  1. What is legal and illegal in the in Digital Currency Era?
  2. How ready are we for Blockchain Technologies?
  3. Where do we see most value in Blockchain Technologies for Africa?

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