Young Innovators

DIAA Young Innovators Competition is an Initiative, aimed at talented young social entrepreneurs using digital technology creatively to meet a range of real-life challenges with solutions that extend digital inclusion, financial inclusion and cybersecurity.

The, ‘Young Innovators Competition’, will showcase young and exciting new talent from across the mobile ecosystem and is open to anyone between 18 and 35 years old, working in an organisation or independently, or currently pursuing education.

Candidates for the ‘Young Innovators Competition’ must be able to demonstrate their ideas and provide evidence of early stage attention from prospective customers. Finalists will be invited to attend DIAA, where they will pitch their ideas in a live session to an audience of business executives.
The theme areas for the young innovators are

  1. M-Health
  2. M-Commerce
  3. M-Agriculture
  4. M-Learning
  5. Mobile Money

Entry to DIAA Young Innovators Competition is open till August 8th 2015. To submit your entry, complete the form.

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