Research Methodology: Nomination and Awards Criteria

Research Methodology: Nomination and Awards Criteria.

DIAA adopts a multi-phase methodology for researching and assessing digital services, products, innovations, web, mobile and social media applications for their ingenuity and adherence to best practice.

Nominations – Public and Research Panel

1.1 Public Nominations Submission

The first phase of the Digital Impact Awards Africa (DIAA) nomination process is the publication of an online form to solicit public suggestions. The form is online for two months. We publish criteria to guide the public selection phase. Our main requirement is that organisations proposed must offer innovative, useful or engaging digital content, applications, services or utilities in Africa. The nominees could be private sector enterprises (large/SMEs), government agencies and non-profit organisations.

1.2 Research Panel Submission

Our Research Panel creates a list of organisations using or delivering digital products, services, web, mobile and social media. The Panel develops award categories based on:

  • Platform types i.e. web, mobile and social;
  • Applications with potential to deliver benefits e.g. Digital finance services; and
  • Challenges in digital infrastructure that need best practice e.g. cybersecurity, financial inclusion

Some of categories are restricted to either public or private sector while others were open to all. The Panel compare its list with the submissions of the public leading to a shortlist of nominees submitted to the Awards Jury and published to the public.

1.3 Awards Jury

We assemble a truly exceptional Awards Jury. Our jurors have expertise and practice experience in various domains of digital infrastructure across the globe. The jurors include a venture capitalist working at the Wall Street and Zurich; a Forbes Magazine specialist on entrepreneurship and leadership; Uganda Parliament Member on Committee on ICT and a distinguished Professor of Electronics and Informatics. Others include a pioneer of Web and Mobile Applications in East Africa; a non-profit incubator of companies from the Philippines; a Ghanaian social innovator and entrepreneur and members of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Leaders’ group. We also had software engineers from Belgium and India;  Director from the National IT Authority, Uganda (NITA-U); the Head of Computer Science at Makerere University and researchers from Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda.

1.4 Additional Research

The Jury and Research Panel use defined criteria and its own expertise to assess each nominee. The jurors award marks depending on the features of the applications in place with information that is publicly available or submitted by the nominee. The jurors could also allocate negative scores for features that undermined the service. For technical categories such as “Cybersecurity Practice,” the Research Panel utilises additional non-intrusive techniques and observation to evaluate the nominees

2 Categories Summary


Financial Inclusion

  1. Best Digital Financial Service Platform for Africa
  2. Best Remittances Service for Africa
  3. Best RegTech Product/Innovation for Africa
  4. Best Fintech Product/Innovation for Africa

Digital Excellence 

  1. Best Mobile App/Content Innovation for Africa
  2. Digital Africa Best Innovation Product/Service


Financial Inclusion

  1. Best Cybersecurity Practice in Financial Services Industry
  2. Best Online Banking
  3. Best Mobile Banking
  4. Best Financial Inclusion Services Provider
  5. Best Payments Integrator/FinTech
  6. Best Promoter of Financial Literacy
  7. Best Saving and Lending Product/Innovation
  8. Best Use of Digital by Microfinance

Digital Excellence 

  1. Best Digital Customer Service By Bank
  2. Best Digital Customer Service By Technology Brand
  3. Best Digital Customer Service By Utilities/Services Brand
  4. Best Technology Brand on Social Media
  5. Best Consumer Goods Brand on Social Media
  6. Best Government Organization on Social Media
  7. Best Utilities/Services Brand on Social Media
  8. Best Bank Brand on Social Media
  9. Best Data/Internet Services Provider
  10. Best Web and Mobile Apps Advancement
  11. Best E-Service/E-Commerce Product/Innovation


  1. Digital Brand of the Year