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Silicon Pay using FinTech to ease payments

By Our writer   Away from its negative consequences, the COVID-19 pandemic was an eye-opener to individuals and businesses. It brought the role and overall importance of digital financial services (DFS) at the forefront. Further, the pandemic opened opportunities for Financial Technology companies (FinTechs) to come up with innovative solutions that have since transformed the […]

Money Sent is aiding borderless money transfers

Our Reporter. Have you ever been with an account that has money but are unable to access it? Put differently, has someone ever called you with an emergency that needs money? You may even have the money but are unable to send it to this person because of the absence of a transfer system? A […]

#40Days40FinTechs #LevelOneProject Season Three Is Here!

We are proud to say that the second HiPipo 40 Days 40 FinTechs that ran in the months of July and August, 2021 set the bar very high. Even though it started soon after the partial lifting of the 2021 lockdown, it was tremendously successful. #40Days40FinTechs has quickly grown into one of the world’s premier […]

Goodbye ‘Prof. John Francis Barenzi.’

Dedicated and hardworking, smart but so funny, exposed, and extremely knowledgeable. Dr., Prof., senior, specialist, expert, exceptional, rare, made of Gold and God. He was a staunch Catholic and had his fair share of travel around the world. I am so certain he died somewhat content about the many he had seen and met, he […]

Damali Ssali Joins the HiPipo Foundation Board

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Damali Ssali has honoured the invitation we extended to her and agreed to become a Board Member of the HiPipo Foundation. Damali joins Hon. Eng. David Karubanga, Rose Busingye and Innocent Kawooya, with a worthy mention being made of Prof. Maggie Kigozi and Dr. Frederick Wamala […]