Small Piggies Banks By Caroline Ocanda from St Leo Education Centre #SchoolChallenge

A student article submitted as participation in the 2018 Schools' Financial Inclusion Challenge. #SchoolChallenge #IncludeEveryone #DIAA2018 

First Name: Caroline
Last Name: Ocanda
Age: 18-20
SchoolName: St Leo Education Centre
Class: Primary School
Topic Entered: 1. What should be done better to improve opening and operating savings accounts for minors?
Essay Summary: children should be made to understand the importance of saving at an early age.
Essay/Poem: Once in while we should engage children in doing some chore for which we as parents should reward them. For them not to miss use the money given to them. We should encourage them to save the money for future use. We can give them examples of things they can acquire in future if they are able to make some savings. We can start by buying for them small piggies banks then after it is full that money can be used to open for them an account in a bank they admire most with their consent. This will make them have to interest to save because it will enable them to be going to the the bank so often to deposit their saving

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