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A student article submitted as participation in the 2018 Schools' Financial Inclusion Challenge. #SchoolChallenge #IncludeEveryone #DIAA2018 


KARUNGI DIANA,                               [S.5 ARTS] ,                              LUZIRA SECONDARY SCHOOL.




We are the minors!

We are the minors, ignorant

About money,

All we know is spending

And wasting money.

And we are proud

To be the spenders

We buy what’s trending with our money.

Betting on sports with our money

Don’t care if we lost and it is taken,

And we are proud to be the spenders.

We are the minors


Dear fellow minors, let’s all awake

And rise up from this poverty sleep

That is wondering as “swift as the wind’’

Grabbing and devouring, we the minors

By inserting the attitude

Of spending and wasting

Our finances.


Shh! Who are you to criticize our ways?

We do what we want,

And want what we do!

With our money,

‘’The fruits of our work’’

The harvest of our parents

Why care more?

Yet we care less

We are the minors!


Dear fellow minors, saving is good,

Through saving, we achieve

Our dreams and expectations

In the future.

Saving helps us

To have a financial backup

When unfore seen circumstance

Rise our way.

Investment of our money

Is also’’ great’’

For industrialization, Professionisation, and sensitization.


Ohh! Now we understand

So this is how saving is important,

Relieving us the burden of borrowing from others,

Lowering the level of depending on others

For financial support,

In the future.

And we shall not depend on our husbands

For financial support.

Hmm!  And we shall not depend on our wives

For financial support in the future,

For we shall be financially stable!


Ohh! That’s right! Financial discipline

Is also important through managing,

Investing and banking,

Setup financial goals,

And take up the actions to

Complish these goals.

And this is the key to financial success.



Learn to save before you spend,

And choose to be financially literate,

With ambition, mission and vision.

Come future, we are ready

Come tomorrow, we are ready

To step up with confidence

And receive you with open hands

We are the financially literate minors!



Skilling the minors is also important,

Through clubs like ‘’EDUCATE CLUB’’

To learn new skills for income generation,

Like liquid soap making, candle making,

Craft work making and many, many more

Other skills for income generation.

‘’To make the wallet happy’’

And desist from the ‘’ dependency syndrome’’

On parents and guardians.

Empowering them at the sometime

We are the minors, the future of tomorrow,

The Strength of our nation,

The sun in the dark,

Poverty night

We rise and shine to overcome the poverty.

By saving, Investing, managing,

Skilling and controlling our finances

As financially free literate minors

And we are proud to be

The financially literate minors!


My savings an Article by Bayiga Aliya Kizza of City Parent’s School

A student article submitted as participation in the 2018 Schools' Financial Inclusion Challenge. #SchoolChallenge #IncludeEveryone #DIAA2018 

First Name: Bayiga Aliya
Last Name: Kizza
Gender Identification: Female
Age: 10-14
School Name: City Parent's School
Class: Primary School
Topic Entered: 3. How can mobile money be extended for minors?
Essay/Poem: Agency banking is the delivery of financial services outside convectional bank branches.By coming together,we shall pull resources so that ultimately the cost of delivering banking services is cheaper.

I'll never be a man of wealth,
of influence or renown.
Just riches which spring
from teaching values

My ethereal coins can
afford lavish gifts to
vurnish your life.
With warm hues of cloth

My savings
Will be of good use soon.

Interest Savings – By Reagan Adams of Luzira Secondary School #SchoolChallenge

A student article submitted as participation in the 2018 Schools' Financial Inclusion Challenge. #SchoolChallenge #IncludeEveryone #DIAA2018 

First Name: Mugabe
Last Name: Reagan Adams
Gender Identification: male
Age: 15-18
School Name: luzira secondary school
Class: Senior 3
Topic Entered: 1. What should be done better to improve opening and operating savings accounts for minors?
Essay Summary: Lead by example,talk open about money with them{minors},give them fake money,be equitable,pay them fairly,pay them interest,minors should be paid market rate interest on the money they save.
Essay/Poem: HOW ADAMS IMPROVED HIS SAVINGS.Round and round,Adams screams.
one day Adams was at school.
A lady talked about savings accounts,
Adams noted done all the words that the lady spoke,
Despite the fact that he was fear from the lady,
He missed out some points,
After the lady had communicated ,Adams' heart was not at rest
He lucky rushed to the lady and asked her a lot of questions.Adams started saving the little money he was getting,
Many children in his class adopted the spirit of saving money.
They formed circles at school and started saving,
They opened up an account with finance trust bank that always gave them interest at the end of every month.

At the end of the year every person always elated with a big smile.
This encouraged many of them to save and open up accounts seeing Adams' prosperity.

Small Piggies Banks By Caroline Ocanda from St Leo Education Centre #SchoolChallenge

A student article submitted as participation in the 2018 Schools' Financial Inclusion Challenge. #SchoolChallenge #IncludeEveryone #DIAA2018 

First Name: Caroline
Last Name: Ocanda
Age: 18-20
SchoolName: St Leo Education Centre
Class: Primary School
Topic Entered: 1. What should be done better to improve opening and operating savings accounts for minors?
Essay Summary: children should be made to understand the importance of saving at an early age.
Essay/Poem: Once in while we should engage children in doing some chore for which we as parents should reward them. For them not to miss use the money given to them. We should encourage them to save the money for future use. We can give them examples of things they can acquire in future if they are able to make some savings. We can start by buying for them small piggies banks then after it is full that money can be used to open for them an account in a bank they admire most with their consent. This will make them have to interest to save because it will enable them to be going to the the bank so often to deposit their saving

Agency Banking for Minors – By Samuel Abel Okwir of Luzira secondary school

A student article submitted as participation in the  2018 Schools' Financial Inclusion Challenge.

First Name: Okwir
Last Name: Samuel Abel
Gender Identification: Male
Age: 15-18
SchoolName: Luzira secondary school
Class: Senior 3
Topic Entered: 6. How do digital financial services enable children empowerment?
Essay/Poem: HOW AGENCY BANKING CAN BE EXTENDED TO THE MINORS.Research has shown that agency banking is popular used by people in urban areas and rarely used by people in rural areas due to a number of factors but extended to minors in varies ways.
Agency banking is a system were commercial banks appoints an agent to transact business on its behalf.the agent would be a supper market,petrol station name it.the owner of the business is the responsible to conduct banking transactions on behalf of the bank.Agency banking banking has been with us since the advent of mobile money agents when MTN Uganda had first introduced the service in 2009.With the system,a customer can engage in depositing money into their accounts,withdraw and send money,bay bills as well as access other financial services like credits.
However ,agency banking can be extended to the minors in a number of ways and this bases on the economy and statistics of the county.As it is well known that rural areas don't benefit a lot from this system ,agents should be deployed in such areas in order to give services of agency banking t the minor people.this can be down by putting 2 or more agents in a trading center In order to reduce matters of traveling by the minors.This has been proved by the survey indicating that about 9.3 million adults travel over an hour to reach the nearest bank branches ,therefore agency banking can brought in to create flexibility towards the customers transactions.
Many minors are of the opinion of what they under stand than the opinion of what they don't,so the minors must be taught by the agency companies on how to operate with agents ,benefits of agency banking and other issues concerning the system which will bring a right understanding to the minors on the system.so this will favor about three quarters of people in villages to begin transacting with agency banking.
As the 2017 demand and supply side survey for agency banking,a survey commission by financial sector deepening Uganda conducted by micro save,indicates that about 58% Ugandans' adults are unbanked .Therefore recrution of agents should be done in order to give the right know ledge about the business which make the transactions easy thus favoring the minors.It should be put in the financial inclusion by the government in order to give all minors a chance of easy transactions regardless of their income levels.
Factors such as increase of mobile money tax should be minimized to favor all the the minors,the has been proved the amount transacted through mobile money was over 32 trillion in 2015 and this was because of the low taxes that was imposed ,but recently the tax was increased which will lead to the decrease in the number of minors using the system.
I am of opinion that agency banking can be extended to the minors majorly through government support ,this can be though supporting promotions organised by the companies which will lead to favoring of the minors transactions.

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