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2023 Women in FinTech Hackathon Day 4: Teams present Prototype Designs, trained on Financial Discipline and Product Management

Participants in the 2023 Women in FinTech Hackathon have continued to show significant progress and commitment to using Financial Technology to transform their communities. Day 4 kicked off with a detailed session on Open Source Software and Mojaloop Security, presented by Paul Baker, the Principle Product Manager of INFITX and member of the Mojaloop Community. […]

Join the Celebration of a Decade of Digital Excellence: Submit your Nomination for the 2023 Digital Impact Awards Africa Now

Kampala, Uganda. In 2014, HiPipo unveiled the Digital Impact Awards Africa (DIAA), a prestigious platform dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the epitome of African innovation in digital technology, financial inclusion, and cybersecurity advancement. From its inception, the Digital Impact Awards Africa (DIAA) was met with immense enthusiasm, with the majority of the market recognizing it […]

2023 FinTech Landscape Exhibition: Stakeholders commit to including the under-served Population

The 2023 FinTech Landscape Exhibition was successfully held on Thursday 6th July, attracting over 300 participants including Government policymakers, Tech Giants, Financial services providers and more than 40 participating FinTechs. The FinTech Landscape Exhibition was the climax event of this year’s 40 Days 40 FinTechs initiative which featured 43 companies from Uganda and Kenya between […]

HiPipo Secures Best Financial Inclusion Organisation Award for the Second Year: Strengthening Commitment to Fintech Innovation and Inclusivity in East Africa.

We are thrilled to announce that, for the second year running, HiPipo has been honoured with the prestigious accolade of ‘Best Financial Inclusion Organization 2023 – East Africa’ at the seventh annual FinTech Awards, organised by Wealth & Finance International. Wealth & Finance International, renowned for celebrating outstanding achievements within the finance and investment industry, […]

Craft Silicon is Pioneering a Financial Inclusion Revolution in Africa. #40Days40FinTechs Season 4 Day 40

With an impressive 23-year legacy, Craft Silicon stands as one of the most enduring and influential FinTech companies, boasting a clientele spanning over 30 nations across Africa and Asia. Their broad spectrum of services has demonstrated profound versatility, encompassing domains from microfinance to commercial banking, Islamic banking, digital banking platforms, anti-money laundering solutions, micro-lending, and […]

Cente Tech is accelerating Centenary Bank’s digital journey as more clients switch to Digital Financial Services. #40Days40FinTechs Season 4 Day 38

The year 2023 is a special one for Uganda’s largest indigenous bank. Centenary Bank is celebrating 40 years of transforming the country’s banking sector. Because of their rural development agenda, Centenary Bank transformed Uganda’s banking from an elitist perspective to targeting the ordinary person. And when the world experienced the digital revolution over the past […]

ETG’s one-stop Agricultural solutions APP embedded with Finance Features makes farming more profitable. #40Days40FinTechs Season 4 Day 32

It is no secret that the Ugandan business environment is saturated by counterfeit and substandard products in all sectors. In agriculture, for instance, grassroots farmers are perennially challenged by identifying authentic agricultural inputs such as seeds, pesticides, and equipment. Take the example of Ssenabulya Patrick, a farmer, and trader, who notes that besides volatile weather, […]

My Doctor is using Telemedicine to provide equitable Healthcare to underserved communities. #40Days40FinTechs Season 4 Day 15

Antenatal care is one service pregnant women struggle to seek. Many expectant mothers actually wait to first get a pregnancy complication to go for antenatal monitoring. They just hate the inconvenience of visiting the hospital every now and then. But what if this service was digitized? When Divinah Twinomujuni was pregnant last year, she went […]

Echolink’s SaccoMate Application is easing work for Islamic Banking institutions. #40Days40FinTechs Season 4 Day 12

The global migration from paper-work to digital systems over the past two decades has received both support and resistance almost in equal measure. The critics have fronted the jobs worry of replacing humans with machines in the employment world while the proponents cite efficiency, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. All said and done, digital migration has made […]