Financial Inclusion: 11 Categories!

Posted on May 31, 2017

Financial Inclusion: 11 Categories!

While digital financial services are now available in many markets, active usage still needs dedicated nurturing. Bridging the gap between registration for service and active usage will require providers to design products and services that are not simply ‘great ideas,’ but that truly meet the needs of end users.

For digital financial services to deliver far reaching financial inclusion, they should evolve to have Mobile insurance, credit and savings in addition to payments and remittances.

#DiFiExpo – DIGITAL AND FINANCIAL EXPO Featuring Digital Impact Awards Africa #DIAA2017 will celebrate brands and products that have effectively made impact on deepening financial inclusion. #DIAA2017 has 11 dedicated financial inclusion related categories for which you are called on to enter your product/service for nomination. These are

  1. Best Mobile Financial Service in Africa
  2. Best Digital Financial Service Platform in Africa
  3. Best Financial Inclusion Product
  4. Best Promoter of Financial Literacy
  5. Best Online Banking
  6. Best Mobile Banking
  7. Best B2B Payments/Transfers Integrator
  8. Best Consumer Payments Service
  9. Best Digital Remittances Service
  10. Best Digital Embrace by Microfinance Institution

Nomination submissions are open from 22/May/2017 and will close by 30/JUNE/2017.

To submit your entry to any of the categories follow the link

Details are at the Expo Website