Customer Experience: Best Digital Customer Service

Posted on May 27, 2017

Customer Experience: Best Digital Customer Service

Best Digital Customer Service

Digital customer experience includes experience through a digital interfaces, like a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Researching a product online, using a mobile app to find a store’s nearest location, searching for tech support information on a smartphone—these are all digital customer experiences.  Modern contact centers support a variety of digital channels—email, chat, co-browsing, social, video—over multiple digital touchpoints (web or mobile devices).    #DiFiExpo – DIGITAL AND FINANCIAL EXPO Featuring Digital Impact Awards Africa #DIAA2017 will celebrate brands that have effectively embraced and made impact with digital customer service in 3 categories:

  1. Best Digital Customer Service by Technology Brand
  2. Best Digital Customer Service by Financial Services Brand
  3. Best Digital Customer Service by Utilities or Government Agency Brand

Businesses need to consider some of the following for an effective digital consumer experience:

Consistency in the customer interactions. Omnichannel support software helps to create consistency and reliability. It prevents the issue of asking customers to repeat themselves. When a company’s CRM or service software doesn’t track all interactions and tie them together across all channels (email, phone, social media, live chat etc.) then the customer will receive a fragmented digital customer experience. If the live chat agent today needs the customer to repeat the details they already gave in yesterday’s email, the customer will notice the inconsistency; it feels like a betrayal of the customer’s time. Omnichannel support software, prevents this from happening, by centralizing all communications, streamlining the customer’s digital experience and, over time, building loyalty.

Visual consistency is required on many levels, including the surface. Apple’s product design is a shining example of maintaining a regular experience across a range of products.

Digital initiatives should complement existing customer journeys. Many companies clumsily add digital components to customer journeys that don’t directly benefit the customer or are superfluous to the company’s value proposition. At best, these additions fail to gain traction; at worst, they can make the experience more complicated or confusing and drive people away.

#DiFiExpo – DIGITAL AND FINANCIAL EXPO Featuring Digital Impact Awards Africa #DIAA2017 is to be held on Sept 21 & 22 at Serena Hotel under the theme “Maximising the Digital Dividend”.

#DiFiExpo #DIAA2017 is the leading event honoring the best in digital embrace and financial inclusion.

Nomination submissions are open from 22/May/2017 and will close by 30/JUNE/2017.

To submit your entry to any of the categories follow the link


Details are at the Expo Website

Best Digital Customer Service

Best Digital Customer Service