Maximising the Digital Dividend: Digital Impact Awards Africa Categories


Digital Impact Awards Africa (DIAA), the index of digital effectiveness awards organisations that use their websites, mobile and social channels, apps and digital finance to support their business and social objectives.

Now in its second year DIAA draws on detailed analysis of innovation and best practice that are painstakingly researched and compiled throughout the year under three theme areas; Digital Inclusion, Financial Inclusion and Cybersecurity, says Innocent Kawoya, Cyberplc Partner and CEO HiPipo.  Through the published DIAA research reports, DIAA aims to show what should be done (and what should not be done) to make digital as effective as possible, added Innocent.

Digital impact Awards Africa (DIAA) has 9 categories to research and award innovation and excellence in the deployment of digital (web, mobile and social media). These categories are:

  1. Best Government Agency on Social Media
  2. Best Corporate Brand on Social Media
  3. Best E-Commerce Classifieds/Marketplace
  4. Best E-Commerce Store/Service
  5. Best E-Service
  6. Best Mobile App
  7. Best Digital Marketing Campaign
  8. Best Digital Customer Service
  9. Best Corporate Website

Given the impact of mobile on the advancement of digital inclusion, DIAA has introduced a category to recognise and award the best mobile devices brands.

  1. Best Mobile Devices Brand

DIAA has introduced 3 categories to research and award innovation and excellence in the deployment of digital financial services to improve financial inclusion. These categories are:

  1. Best Payments/Transfers Service
  2. Best Online/Mobile Banking Service
  3. Best Mobile Money Service

For sustainable use of digital, there has to be trust in the digital systems. Due to this necessity the DIAA category for Best Cybersecurity Practice will review how well organisations are adopting best cybersecurity practices.

  1. Best Cybersecurity Practice

Overall DIAA category is Digital Brand of the Year.  This combines effective use of web, mobile, social, digital finance and cybersecurity.

  1. Digital Brand of the Year

DIAA awards entry is open. The awards will be held on 13th August 2015 at Serena Hotel Kampala. Nomination will be released on 5th June 2015.

DIAA is proudly presented by Cyberplc and HiPipo, supported by NITA-U and leading organisations in the digital space.



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