The Digital and Financial Inclusion Summit

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This year's *Digital Impact Awards Africa* will be featured under  the *Digital and Financial Inclusion Summit* with focus on *Interoperability and Open APIs Hackathon.*

The project includes  an *Interoperability and Open APIs Hackathon, an exhibition of innovations for products and services in the digital and financial services space and their application to the different economic sectors and industries such as agriculture, health, education, travel, hospitality, tourism, manufacturing etc. The hackathon and exhibition will precede the awards event bringing together different digital, financial industry and other economic sectors stakeholders from across Africa. The project will discover and promote products and services plus innovations in ICT and digital financial services which are of strategic importance for Africa’s drive to effectively reap maximum digital dividend that will catalyze Africa’s development.

Given the strategic importance of digital inclusion and financial inclusion in Africa, we call upon all players in the different economic sector industries that embrace digital in their businesses, plus those that provide or use financial services to participate in the Digital and Financial Expo featuring Digital Impact Awards Africa.

Participating Benefits

For the Digital Champions

The project provides significant benefits to participating organizations including

  1. Be recognized as champions of innovation and best practices that will mold a Digital Africa to deliver maximum digital dividends and financial inclusion
  2. Participating brands will attain significant brand mileage among digital and financial users and movers in Africa.
  3. The Expo delivers networking with and marketing reach to
    1. CEOs and Corporate Executives
    2. CMO and Marketing Professionals
    3. CIOs and Technology Professionals
    4. Financial Professionals and Professionals from several other economic sectors
    5. Corporate and SME Business Executives
    6. Marketing reach to youth customers and mid age adult consumers of digital and financial centered products.

Previous Events

Some Photos from DIAA 2014, 2015 2016


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