[config_item title=”Prof. Jacques Tiberghien (Ph.D)” image=”http://www.digital-impact-awards.com/jury/jacques.png”] Professor at Vrije Universiteit Brussel Department of Electronics and Informatics [/config_item]

[config_item title=”Mr. Peter Kahiigi” image=”http://www.digital-impact-awards.com/jury/peter.png”]  Director Information Security NITA Uganda. Responsible for nationwide planning, development, coordination, management, continuous monitoring and assurance of National Information Security [/config_item]

[config_item title=”Miss Maseena Ziegler” image=”http://www.digital-impact-awards.com/jury/maseena.png”] Forbes Journalist for entrepreneurship and Leadership subjects. Book Writer and Entrepreneur.  One of the Young Global Leaders (World Economic Forum).   [/config_item]

[config_item title=”Mr. Torach Julius” image=”http://www.digital-impact-awards.com/jury/julius.png”]  Commission IT, Ministry of ICT. A member of several high-level Government of Uganda and Regional ICT Teams [/config_item]

[config_item title=”Mr. Raja Manohar” image=”http://www.digital-impact-awards.com/jury/raja2.png”] CEO at Hexolabs | Young Global Leaders Forum Member – World Economic Forum | TED Fellow | Fellow at National Internet Exchange of India [/config_item]

[config_item title=”Dr. Engineer Bainomugisha (Ph.D)” image=”http://www.digital-impact-awards.com/jury/ibaino.png”] Head of Computer Science Department, School of Computing & IT – Makerere University, Uganda [/config_item]

[config_item title=”Dr. Ahmed Ewais (Ph.D) ” image=”http://www.digital-impact-awards.com/jury/ahmed.png”] PhD Researcher at the Web & Information Systems Engineering WISE Lab at the  Computer Science Department of the Faculty of Science at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium  [/config_item]

[config_item title=” Mr. Earl Martin Valencia ” image=”http://www.digital-impact-awards.com/jury/earl.png”] President and co-founder of IdeaSpace Foundation, a nonprofit incubator that aims to promote economic development through technology and entrepreneurship based in Philippines [/config_item]

[config_item title=” Mrs. Rina Gee Kupferschmid-Rojas ” image=”http://www.digital-impact-awards.com/jury/rina.png”] CEO of ESG Analytics. A member of the Private Equity Working Group of the United Nations. One of the Young Global Leaders (World Economic Forum).  [/config_item]

[config_item title=”Mr Vinayak Garg” image=”http://www.digital-impact-awards.com/jury/vina2.png”] CEO & Founder at ZestMD Inc. New Delhi Area, India [/config_item]

[config_item title=”Mr. Björn Puype” image=”http://www.digital-impact-awards.com/jury/bjorn.png”] Software Developer at Ypto Brussels Area, Belgium [/config_item]

[config_item title=”Mr. Bruno Ribeiro” image=”http://www.digital-impact-awards.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Bruno-Ribeiro.png”] Head of Creative Development at HAUS, a digital production company based in Los Angeles. [/config_item]