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Include Everyone program is a collection of related financial inclusion outreach projects including hackathon, expo, summit, awards and research. The projects are managed in a synchronized way to obtain maximum benefits of ensuring impactful engagement  of financial inclusion stakeholders to effectively promote approaches that will enable financial inclusion for everyone.

We believe that an economy that includes everyone benefits everyone. As such, the program sensitizes operators and service providers to bring financial services to the poor through the use of innovative business models, and mobile technology. We also believe that successful and impactful financial inclusion efforts must be well researched, modeled, positioned, promoted, marketed, distributed, and critiqued as well as celebrated and awarded where possible.

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[heading title=”testimonials” subtitle=”/ See What People Say About Us” fontclass=”fa-comments” delay=”300″][testimonial][item_testimonial thumbnail=”2384″ alt=”Comviva” author=”Anil Krishnan, Head of Africa Region at Comviva” link=”#”]Anil Krishnan, Head of Africa Region at Comviva said, “We are very happy at receiving the Digital Impact Award as it validate our ability to innovate and rise to the occasion in challenging conditions in any part of the world. We are very pleased that our mobiquity® Money is leading the way in digitizing societies and impacting lives of millions across Africa.”[/item_testimonial][item_testimonial thumbnail=”2395″ alt=”Stanbic Bank” author=”Veronica Sentongo, Stanbic Uganda’s Head of Digital banking” link=”#”]Speaking shortly after the bank was announced winner of the Best Corporate website and the Most Promising Social Media Embrace gongs at The Digital Impact Awards, Veronica Sentongo, Stanbic Uganda’s Head of Digital banking described the awards as “a brilliant means of showcasing the efforts to embrace the digital journey throughout Africa.” “It is clear that technology equates convenience and organisations that do not embrace it will be left behind by their customers,”[/item_testimonial][item_testimonial thumbnail=”3143″ alt=”Hon. David Karubanga” author=”State Minister for Public Service Hon. David Karubanga” link=”#”]Speaking at the Digital Impact Awards Africa ceremony, State Minister for Public Service Hon. David Karubanga said technology has changed the way companies provide services to their customers “Technology can solve all our main problems, especially in service delivery. It’s upon the private sector to take advantage of the good environment provided by the government to innovate more,”.[/item_testimonial][/testimonial]
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[pricing name=”Standard” value=”$1,595″ currency=”$” name_button=”Register” link_button=”#register” extra_link=”false”]

 8 Participants 
   Awards Gala


[pricing name=”Corporate” value=”3,450″ currency=”$” name_button=”Register” link_button=”#register” extra_link=”false”]

  • 12 Persons
  • Full Day Summit Attendance
  • Awards Gala and Dinner
  • 1 Panel Session at Summit
  • Exclusive C-Level Summit Keynote


[pricing name=”Corporate Branded” value=”5,200″ currency=”$” feature=”featured” name_button=”Register” link_button=”#register” extra_link=”false”]

  • 12 Persons
  • Full Day Summit Attendance
  • Awards Gala and Dinner
  • 1 Panel Session at Summit
  • Exclusive C-Level Summit Keynote
  • Corporate Branding at Event Venue


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Don’t Miss!!! You are invited!

  1. CEO/MD,
  2.  C-Level Executive (e.g CMO, CIO, COO, CFO, GM),
  3. Marketing Executive,
  4. Digital Executive,
  5. IT Executive,
  6. Advertising Agency Executive,
  7. PR Agency Executive,
  8. Customer Experience/Service Executive
  9. Sales Executive
  10. “Customer”
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