Hackathon 2019

  • #HackMojaloop FinTechs using Mojaloop to deliver Interoperability solutions. Join

Include Everyone program is a collection of related financial inclusion outreach projects including hackathon, summit, awards and research. The projects are managed in a synchronized way to obtain maximum benefits of ensuring impactful engagement  of financial inclusion stakeholders to effectively promote approaches that will enable financial inclusion for everyone.

We believe that an economy that includes everyone benefits everyone. As such, the program sensitizes operators and service providers to bring financial services to the poor through the use of innovative business models, and mobile technology. We also believe that successful and impactful financial inclusion efforts must be well researched, modeled, positioned, promoted, marketed, distributed, and critiqued as well as celebrated and awarded where possible. One of the Include Everyone program projects is the Interoperability and Open API Hackathon aka #HackMojaloop.

#HackMojaloop embodies our views and belief that we should develop once and integrate for many using open APIs and interoperability technology. #HackMojaloop brings together FinTechs and developers with innovative ideas to create new, compelling interoperable financial applications and products using published OPEN APIs, GSMA APIs and Level One Project Mojaloop Technology.  #HackMojaloop challenges  FinTechs and developers to create new business models, applications and products that are interoperable among all players including mobile money operators, banks and micro finance institutions.  The hackathon targets to deliver interoperable business models and products in 6 thematic areas:

1.Interoperable Merchant and Bill payments

2.Interoperable CashIn/CashOut and Transfers

3.Interoperable Remittances  and Bulk Payments

4.Interoperable Consumer/Merchant Saving, Lending and  Insurance.

5.Interoperability with Mojaloop

6.Interoperable Digital Finance to empower Women in informal cross-border trade






#HackMojaloop FinTechs using Mojaloop to deliver Interoperability solutions. Join

#HackMojaloop Participants  

  • Venue: Design Hub, Bugolobi. 
  • Date: 18-20 Sept – starting 9 AM

#HackMojaloop Participants  

  1. Andrew Okullu
  2. Andy Mugerwa
  3. Aretha Kebirungi
  4. Cuthbert Asingwire
  5. Daniel Ngobi
  6. Doreen Lukandwa
  7. Ian Mubiru
  8. Jackson Onyango
  9. Joshua Magambo 
  10. Moses Bogere
  11. Patrick Adengo
  12. Peter Kakoma
  13. Sidney Wasibani
  14. Stuart Kasekende 


  1. Lewis William Daly
  2. Sam Kummary