WHAT: Women in FinTech Hackathon

WHEN: 12 to 17 September (Hackathon, Hive Colab), (18 September Summit, Serena Hotel)

WHERE: Hive Colab + Kampala Serena Hotel

WHO: The best and brightest women and their allies in the FinTech ecosystem.


The Women in FinTech Hackathon as a platform to work with women to develop products and solutions that help and improve lives of their fellow women.

  1. We want women participants to learn about how Interoperability & Mojaloop will affect their customers.
  2. Gather business case, settlement, security/fraud questions and make them easily accessible to our community along with the best answers.
  3. Introduce and onboard Women led FinTechs to the Mojaloop OSS Community. These FinTechs come with a lot of They experience in financial services on the ground, and are much more closely connected to the issues of interoperability than many of members of in the Mojaloop OSS community.
  4. Push for mass adaptation of Mojaloop starting with women led FinTechs.
  5. Women teams to onboard with Mojaloop testing tools to start building POCs.
  6. Train participant about how Mojaloop works (or not) with level one project principles?
  7. Share regulatory requirements with participants
  8. Share updated documentation.
  9. Involve Industry Experts in Tech and Financial Services across Uganda

Our strategy is aimed at ensuring that women have more access to and use of digital financial services, such as mobile money wallets, mobile bank accounts and digital payment systems, to close the persistent gender gap in financial inclusion.


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    Friday 08, 2021
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    Thursday 14, 2021
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