HiPipo through its Include Everyone program identifies, analyzes, and promotes trends and innovations in the digital space that have potential impact on digital transformation in Africa.

To clearly understand how the tireless efforts of HiPipo are bearing fruit today one must go back decade and picture what it was like before it came into existence. It was a cold, analogue world, one where it was a brutal certainty that many of us would never get the opportunity to easily access information, or even be part of any financial system.

The chance to learn and to earn, to work and to save, to educate and to innovate, to indeed improve one’s lot in life, remained an uphill task for many simply because they could not get the information they need.

But today, in 2020, we live in a world of so much more potential and promise. And this is because of the tireless efforts of digital revolutionaries like HiPipo and our partners.

From the beginning, a singular principle has guided us: to ‘Include Everyone’.

It’s our belief that viewed access to digital and technological services is not just the preserve of a few but something on par with access to food, shelter and clothing, basically in line with all advocated for in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

HiPipo thus set about to bridge the digital divide, to make ICT access a reality to the multitudes who are still being left out, for we know it is the catalyst needed to enable individuals and communities alike to improve their lives.

Part of our dream of a Networked Society is a more open, interoperable, easy and accessible mobile financial network that offers more choices than restrictions. The Digital Impact Awards Africa is our logical conclusion of our annual Digital and Financial Inclusion Summit that is a great place for key stakeholders in digital inclusion, financial inclusion and cybersecurity to discuss their challenges, celebrate great milestones and learn about the latest opportunities in the digital space.

“Maximising the Digital Dividend” is the theme of the DIAA Program because we believe in the transformative capacity of technology-based solutions. For instance, HiPipo is keen to promote secure digital financial services because of their vital role in promoting financial inclusion. Our primary objective is to flag, advocate for and shine a light on impactful and transformative directions in the financial inclusion arena.

Previous events have been graced by different thought leaders that comprise people with extensive knowledge and experience in ICT and financial roles such as administrators, entrepreneurs, innovators, academic, consultants and policy makers.

By steering, recognising and shining a spotlight on best practice in the digital space, HiPipo aims to promote an ecosystem that encourages innovation and builds confidence and trust in the use of digital services. Ecosystems are essential to sustainable financial inclusion, cybersecurity and digital transformation because they reduce exploitable weak links in an environment.


Since their inception, the Digital Impact Awards Africa (DIAA) have enjoyed increasing international recognition. TODAY THEY ARE AMONG THE MOST RESPECTED AND SOUGHT-AFTER PRIZES BESTOWED.

Their prestige, acknowledged within Africa and rest of the world, has grown over the years because the public and digital industry recognizes the DIAA as an award based on technical achievement and because care has been taken to preserve the integrity of the DIAA. Specifically, the DIAA has carefully limited reproductions of the DIAA statuette and references to the annual DIAA presentation in promotions and advertising.

Hon. Karubanga David
Prof. Maggie Kigozi
Damali Ssali

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