The Digital and Financial Inclusion summit #IncludeEveryone #LevelOneProject

The Digital and Financial Inclusion summit commonly referred to as the Include Everyone Summit aims to foster collaboration between banks, operators, regulators and FinTechs while paying major attention on women initiatives. Delegates attend the event to give critical insight into the future of digital financial services in Uganda and Africa. Stakeholders are able to identify first-rate industry partnerships, and learn from their best practices to drive successful collaborations within their own organizations.

Include Everyone summit convenes Operators, banks, FinTechs, regulators, supervisors, women leaders in finance and central bankers across client and donor jurisdictions along with relevant counterparts in public and private sectors and academia to share their experiences and views to deepen the understanding in key Digital transformation, Financial Inclusion, Inclusive Finance, FinTech and DFS areas. Topics covering different areas are distributed into ten sessions, conducted largely in a moderated panel format of two to six participants. In each area, the sessions presented provide real-life cases and/or demonstrations of illustrative products and services as applicable and to discuss the trends, opportunities, and challenges for the attending delegates.

Furthermore, we discuss how to build and scale a real-time digital payment platform within a country or region, to serve low income consumers and merchants and bring them into the formal financial economy guided by The Level One Principles; a new system that has been designed by the Gates Foundation’s Level One Project Initiative to achieve not only greater financial inclusion, but to develop frameworks and solutions so that 2.5 billion unbanked people can have access to better financial services tomorrow.

Private Sector Led Real-Time Payments System (RTPS)

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