[config_item title=”Web, Mobile, Social” image=”” href=””] Though we do get excited about inventive interfaces, it’s not all bright and shiny apps. From extending the reach of legacy apps to cashing in on mCommerce, we should deliver web, mobile and social solutions that are invaluable to Africa. [/config_item]

[config_item title=”E-Services” image=”” href=””] The  e-service challenges remain such as low penetration of ICT; Fraud on the internet space, Privacy due the emergence of various types of spyware and security holes. How do we optimize the e-services delivery will addressing the challenges.

[config_item title=”Digital Financial Services” image=”” href=””] Defining the relationship between mobile money and ecommerce including the mobile international transfer and remittance market with web tools. New services within MFS beyond the mobile wallet. [/config_item]

[config_item title=”Cloud Computing” image=”” href=””] The ongoing development and growth of cloud and its vast benefits are limited by challenges and inconsistencies that exist in its current state. Concerns about the data security and the efficiency and effectiveness of cloud services are a result of these challenges. [/config_item]

[config_item title=”Big Data” image=”” href=”” ] We can live with many of the uncertainties of big data for now, with the hope that its benefits will outweigh its harms, but we shouldn’t blind ourselves to the possible irreversibility of changes—whether good or bad—to society. [/config_item]

[config_item title=”CyberSecurity” image=”” href=””] Value continues to migrate online, and digital data have become more pervasive. Why are some properties experiencing more online attacks per hour than they did in a month just a few years ago? In the digital era, one’s identity can quickly be adopted by someone else. [/config_item]