The Fifth Digital Impact Awards Africa Nomination Submission Opens

The 5th Digital Impact Awards Africa #DIAA2018 #IncludeEveryone is underway. As part of our #IncludeEveryone program #DIAA2018 is the leading event honoring the best in digital across Africa. DIAA2018 focus is on digital inclusion, financial inclusion, and cybersecurity for which 26 awards categories have been set .  Nomination submission entries are open from June 25th 2018 and will close by July 25th 2018

Entering the awards provides a platform for organizations to showcase their innovations, best products and services over the last year. Achieving a nomination and winning a Digital Impact Award Africa helps set organisations apart from their competitors.


Financial Inclusion

  1. Best Digital Financial Service Platform for Africa
  2. Best Remittances Service for Africa
  3. Best RegTech Product/Innovation for Africa
  4. Best Fintech Product/Innovation for Africa

Digital Excellence 

  1. Best Mobile App/Content Innovation for Africa
  2. Digital Africa Best Innovation Product/Service


Financial Inclusion

  1. Best Cybersecurity Practice in Financial Services Industry
  2. Best Online Banking
  3. Best Mobile Banking
  4. Best Financial Inclusion Services Provider
  5. Best Payments Integrator/FinTech
  6. Best Promoter of Financial Literacy
  7. Best Saving and Lending Product/Innovation
  8. Best Use of Digital by Microfinance

Digital Excellence 

  1. Best Digital Customer Service By Bank
  2. Best Digital Customer Service By Technology Brand
  3. Best Digital Customer Service By Utilities/Services Brand
  4. Best Technology Brand on Social Media
  5. Best Consumer Goods Brand on Social Media
  6. Best Government Organization on Social Media
  7. Best Utilities/Services Brand on Social Media
  8. Best Bank Brand on Social Media
  9. Best Data/Internet Services Provider
  10. Best Web and Mobile Apps Advancement
  11. Best E-Service/E-Commerce Product/Innovation


  1. Digital Brand of the Year


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