Women In FinTech Magazine

Posted on March 9, 2022

Women In FinTech Magazine

The First Ever Women In FinTech Magazine

Here it is, the first of its kind, something guaranteed to generate even more understanding about Financial Inclusion & how we can overcome the bottlenecks to its full achievement. Its another innovation by HiPipo- the first-ever #WomenInFinTech Magazine. Among other purposes, it shines a spotlight on a new generation of women leaders and innovators, all guided by the Level One Project.

It brings us great pride at HiPipo to launch this magazine’s inaugural publication on International Women’s Day, a symbolic time to remind all that world development is nothing without women’s development.

We thank the Gates Foundation for their generous support towards the HiPipo Include Everyone program, we could not do this without your support! Our appreciation also goes out to our supporting partners Ideation Corner, ModusBox, the Mojaloop Foundation, Crosslakes Technologies, Club Tangaza, Jumo, Pegasus, Yo Uganda and others. May we go further & do even better in 2022.