Women In FinTech magazine – March 2022 edition

Posted on March 19, 2022

Women In FinTech magazine – March 2022 edition

The First Ever Women In FinTech Magazine

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It’s the first of its kind, and it is another innovation by HiPipo.

This is the FIRST EVER magazine solely dedicated to Women in FinTech. There have been articles and journal entries here and there, but never something as comprehensive and focused as this.

You will find interviews, opinions, testimonials, pictures, and a lot more. It offers more than a glimpse into the minds and works of the ladies out here on the FinTech frontline that are seeking to create an inclusive economy for the betterment of not just women, but indeed everyone.

We at HiPipo are proud to share this with you. And we believe you will share it widely too. It is something we believe can inspire all of us involved in the sector, enabling us to collectively fine-tune our efforts towards a world economy that ‘includes everyone’. Please do enjoy.