The Inaugural #WomenInFinTech Incubator Participants – #LevelOneProject

Posted on March 5, 2022

The Inaugural #WomenInFinTech Incubator Participants – #LevelOneProject

Women In FinTech Incubator Participants

Kuzimba Services:

Team Kuzimba, the winners of the 2nd Women-in-FinTech Hackathon, are certainly not resting on their laurels. Ephrance Eunice Namugenyi and Alfred Ochola remain the powerhouse duo to beat, and their participation in the Incubator was a reminder to all that when you are at the top, well, the least you can do is your best to remain there. And part of that means maintaining a readiness to learn.

Hack Girls:

Two consecutive top 5 Hackathon finishes are a clear sign that Team Hack Girls is doing a lot right. Halima Bukirwa (or Madam CEO, as she prefers to be called), Joanita Nakityo, Josephine Bonka and Ivan Elijah Okello (the Hack Boy!) had to find time in their hectic student schedules to part of the Incubator. And find time they did! This show of collective dedication should inspire confidence that their corporate journey, though still making baby steps, will get right up and go a long way.


Taking part in the Incubator marked another year of impressive growth for Emily Sonia Nakabuye (who soon had to return to school), Charlotte Neeza and Ivan Ojok- Team E-Moments. Before the Incubator, they had already taken part in 40 Days 40 FinTechs, snagged another top 5 finish at the Women-in-FinTech Hackathon, and brought their education aid service, PesaJet, to the market. Will 2022 be an even bigger year for them? You bet!


Emmilly Immaculate Namuganga, Angella Bukirwa, Ronnie Atuhairwe and Maria Bulunga Luzinda, Team MpaMpe, are another student quartet who had to make Incubator time amidst a hectic schedule. But a top 5 showing in their first Hackathon is a sure sign that their app, MpaMpe, certainly has the potential to revolutionise crowd-funding in Uganda. We are certainly glad of their dedication to bring it to the market, for there’s every chance you and I will be using it soon.

Green Shares:

Consisting of just Annet Nanyanzi, Kevin Naluyange and Janet Apolot, Team Green Shares was one of the smaller teams, but their freshman, sorry, ‘fresh-woman’ appearance at the Hackathon was marked by an against-the-odds top 5 finish. They are also a good example of what was a promising year of growth for agriculture related innovations.

Annet and Kevin were the ones able to attend the Incubator. But we can only wish them, and all others innovating in that space, all the best. For a country like Uganda it is of utmost importance that they succeed.


The name Farmers Financial Development Avenue (FFDA) says it all. Vivian Maria Awori, Hamna Nuriat Nanteza and Komuhangi Tumuhairwe are on a digital mission to improve the lives and livelihoods of those who, in spite of feeding us, are still a long way from receiving the support they need.

Well, taking part in the Incubator will certainly improve their chances of mission success. And that is a result which will certainly satisfy everyone, no pun intended.