#WomenInFinTech #LevelOneProject Incubator – The social good, major league communication, and stacking up those values:

Posted on January 18, 2022

#WomenInFinTech #LevelOneProject Incubator – The social good, major league communication, and stacking up those values:

Kasakya George, who you can now call the ‘Social Venture Business Model Canvas Guy’, further defined the model, this time introducing and defining what a social good is, and how the budding entrepreneurs have to take time to look at their purpose for the business and decide whether it is, well, fit for purpose. A clear realisation on how they hope to help their clients might necessitate a ‘system change’, a new model that calls for a more altruistic approach in order to bring onboard those that need the service the most.

Francis introduced the concept of mass communication, defining it and illustrating how it goes hand in hand with mass media. He also touched on two key theories of mass communication (magic bullet and agenda-setting), and asked the participants to take time to understand how they and their products and services fit into the mass communication and mass media ecosystem.

Arthur further expounded on how important values are to the worker and innovator. As one goes through personal growth, there comes a time where they seamlessly transfer that growth, with the values therein included, into the products they create and the organisations they work for. Needless to say, better people make better products, and are better attuned to the needs of those they are supposed to serve.

Innocent Kawooya, CEO – HiPipo concluded the session by urging the participants to remember that all that was being shared has to be aligned with the principle of Same Day Settlement. How they set up as a business, how they communicate, and the values they cherish as an enterprise need to be in service to this principle, and indeed all the others, as will be discussed in time.