#IncludeEveryone: Here are the nominees for #DIAA2019 Best Digital Embrace by Non-Consumer Facing Brands.

Posted on July 25, 2019

#IncludeEveryone: Here are the nominees for #DIAA2019 Best Digital Embrace by Non-Consumer Facing Brands.

It’s impossible to argue against digital media’s impact as an efficient and effective method for connecting brands and consumers. Efforts undertaken by consumer facing brands such as telecoms, online stores, fast foods, beauty products, hospitals and banks among others are great examples of how a brand can benefit when it opens its doors and welcomes consumer interaction. Digital Customer Experience is real and most consumer facing brands now mind a great deal about it.

But what about the non-consumer facing brands which from their works are seen as some regulators, serve specific niches and mostly don’t interface with final consumers on a daily.

“Non-consumer facing companies realize there are clear benefits to implementing a social media strategy, but what do they need to do to achieve success? The truth is, the social media strategy, processes, and principles, don’t really change much depending on your company type and size.” Mark Wallace, a renowned digital expert once said.

The nominees for the #DIAA2019 Best Digital Embrace by Non-Consumer Facing Brand are CAA Uganda, FUFA, IRA Uganda, UEGCL and UNRA.

For the fact, air transport is largely digital driven. As such, The Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA aka CCA-Uganda); the regulatory body of Air Transport in Uganda is by all means expected to be a digital first establishment. Even though, its website is up to date with latest air transport content, its outlook/design needs some makeover. UCCA is also active across Social Media mainly Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) has over the years incorporated digital/tech in its activities. FUFA’s embrace for digital media is equally commendable. Well as its website is updated with the latest multi-media content relating to the game of football in Uganda, an outlook/design revamp would offer much better digital customer experience to the site visitors. FUFA is very active on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

As a regulator for the insurance industry, the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA-Uganda) continues to improve its digital customer experience with good effort put on website content updates, and Facebook. However, more needs to be done including a website revamp and more use of Twitter.

The Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL) is implementing a strong digital strategy. Its website is user friendly, strong on visuals, illustrative of its mandate and always updated. UEGCL is also very strong on Social Media mainly YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Because seeing is believing, visuals always sell more in the digital world. The Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) has a visually strong, multimedia and updated website- telling the story of what this agency does. UNRA is also active on Social Media particularly WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

The overall winner for the #DIAA2019 Best Digital Embrace by Non-Consumer Facing Brand will be determined by a Jury/Research Panel assessment and public survey/vote.

Under the theme #IncludeEveryone, Digital Impact Awards Africa is a platform that promotes Digital Inclusion, Financial Inclusion and Cybersecurity. Precisely; the Awards seek to recognize, celebrate and appreciate different individuals and organizations that are spearheading the use of digital mediums to better serve their communities.

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