Social Impact: E-Health, E-Learning, E-Agriculture Research and Award

Posted on July 19, 2014

Social Impact: E-Health, E-Learning, E-Agriculture Research and Award

Kamplala, July 16, 2014:   Digital Impact Awards Africa, #DIAA, has announced research and awards domains for social impact sectors of health, education and agriculture. With the inaugural awards event that will be held on 22 August 2014, DIAA aims to: discover, promote, encourage and reward innovation and best practices for mobile, web, social, digital finance and cybersecurity applications.

DIAA focuses on products and services delivering value over the internet as their primary access medium.  The 3 new categories covering other social impact sectors are Best E-Health Product, Best E-Agriculture Product, and Best E-Learning Product. These sector specific categories are an addition to other DIAA established social impact categories for Best E-Service, Best E-Commerce and Best Digital Financial Service.

With the theme “Maximizing the Digital Dividend”, DIAA will boost the national efforts to deliver sustainable, efficient and effective development through the most effective use of the connectivity available from systems and services connected either directly to or indirectly to the Internet, telecommunications and computer networks.

Good progress and success in the health, education and agriculture sectors would translate into attainment of the UN defined Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). DIAA will research, evaluate and reward internet connected products and innovations for E-Health, E-Agriculture and E-Learning

Entries are invited from e-products that demonstrate social impact in any of the following categories:

  1. Best E-Health Product
  2. Best E-Agriculture Product
  3. Best E-Learning Product