Launch of First Digital Impact Awards Africa

Posted on May 25, 2014

Launch of First Digital Impact Awards Africa

Launch-Press-Release Kamplala, May 26, 2014: and Cyberplc Limited have today launched the 1st Digital Impact Awards Africa (DIAA) project. The project aims to: discover, promote, encourage and reward innovation and best practices for mobile, web, social, digital finance and cybersecurity applications, hold a conference to enable key stakeholders to discuss opportunities and challenges of cybersecurity, e-services, digital financial services, social media, big data, Internet of Things and digital enabled communications and conduct ongoing research on Internet connected digital innovations in the Africa. The project will run between May and August 2014 for the Uganda edition. The East Africa and all Africa editions will scale up to October 2014.


The DIAA project will research on innovations and effective application of best practices such as for applications design and cybersecurity. The DIAA project will hold “The Digitals Conference” focused on enablers of sustainable cyberspace innovations. The conference will precede the awards event bringing together different digital stakeholders from across Africa. The DIAA project will discover and promote innovations and best practices in web, mobile, social, digital financial services ranging from user interface design to cybersecurity. These topics are of national strategic importance for Uganda, the East African Community and Africa’s drive to effectively reap maximum digital dividend that will catalyze national development.

The project will enable different digital stakeholders such as individual innovators, SMEs, and corporate companies to exploit different project opportunities to raise their brands as champions of cyberspace connected digital innovations and best practices. With the theme “Maximizing the Digital Dividend”, the project will boost the national efforts to deliver sustainable, efficient and effective development through the most effective use of the connectivity available from systems and services connected either directly to or indirectly to the Internet, telecommunications and computer networks. has previously done research and publications about the state of social media in Uganda and Africa resulting in the ranking for the Top 20 Corporate brands on social media. Cyberplc Limited has provided consultancy and advisory on cybersecurity for critical national infrastructure for NITA Uganda and International Telecommunications Union among other national and international bodies. Through the DIAA project, our overtime built expertise knowledge in digital will further be shared to different digital stakeholders who will benefit from the project research and conference.

We look forward to the different digital stakeholders actively participating in the DIAA project and maximizing the different opportunities availed through the project.




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We are routinely commissioned to engineer and validate security controls around systems handling vast volumes of sensitive, “Classified” or “Protectively Marked” data. Thus, we help Governments, citizens, consumers, regulators and enterprises operating critical information infrastructure (CII) to gain confidence around the adequacy of controls in place to mitigate cyber threats and risks.

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