CMO and Marketing Executives

Posted on May 5, 2014

CMO and Marketing Executives


Our Digital Impact Awards Research is designed to deliver answers to your toughest digital marketing questions including:

  1. How do we increase the value of our digital marketing strategies?
  2. How can we leverage social media?
  3. What is broken in our conversion cycle?
  4. How can we identify new opportunities online?
  5. How can we better support and empower our sales team with digital tools?
  6. Is our digital strategy helping or hurting us?
  7. How can we more effectively measure our digital campaigns?

In answering the above questions our research serves

1.  CMOs / Marketing Directors

As the top marketing executive for your company or division, you’re responsible for orchestrating and building the brand while fueling business growth. You coordinate efforts across digital and traditional channels, empowering the organization to deliver a consistent experience.

2.  Marketing Leadership Professionals

In collaboration with marketing peers, you’re responsible for implementing the brand vision set by your CMO/Marketing Director. You coordinate online and offline marketing channels, using new media and technologies to engage customers.

Who this role is for:

  1. Advertising Managers and Executives
  2. Brand Managers and Executives
  3. Media Managers and Executives
  4. Digital Marketing Managers and Executives
  5. Product Marketing Managers and Executives
  6. Social Media Managers and Executives