2012 – NTV Uganda Tops List of Uganda Top 20 Corporate Brands on Social Media

Posted on April 24, 2014

2012 – NTV Uganda Tops List of Uganda Top 20 Corporate Brands on Social Media


HiPipo 5Star, a Business, Tech and Lifestyle branch of HiPipo.com has conducted a comprehensive survey for Uganda’s Top 20 Corporate brands on Social Media.

From this 2012 survey, Nation Television (NTV Uganda) is the leading brand on Social Media gathering a total of 98/100 points, closely followed by MTN Uganda with 88/100.

Results of this survey show that while a few companies mainly media houses, telecoms, breweries and beverages have embraced social media, many of their campaigns are lacking, with limited innovation and creativity involved if any.

This is despite the fact that there is growing Internet usage in the country (now at over 5 million users), and corporate brands need to woo such a growing online market. Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have had a steadily growing share of close to 700,000 users from this economy. (YouTube: 25,000, registered, Facebook: 550, 000,)

This survey was carried out on the major three social media platforms (YouTube, Twitter and Facebook). The survey considered 73 Uganda brands including the Top 50 Brands of Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) 2012 and selected brands from The Monitor Top 100 SMEs 2011. We allocated 70 per cent points for total following on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, 20 per cent points for Facebook and Twitter Engagement plus 10 per cent points for YouTube Activity.

In this survey, critical analysis was done to find out, compare and rate Corporate Brands’ Social Media following, user activity/ engagement, and social impact for the different active Corporate Brands. We analyzed user actions such as comments, shares, likes on Facebook, favorites , replies and retweets on Twitter, plus views, likes , dislikes , and comments for YouTube. These together informed this ranking. A summation of scores for each company from these three platforms was done when coming up with the top twenty.

The levels of aggressiveness exhibited by some brands on social media are so encouraging and clearly indicate a better Uganda that will greatly embrace Social Media in the next few years.

NTV Uganda is the Number 1 Top Corporate brand on Social Media, 2012

NTV Uganda scored a convincing 98/100 Points ranking #1. Congratulations NTV Uganda, The Management, Staff, Social Media Team, and Followers, You are the #1 Top Brand on Social Media 2012.

For the great viral impact, NTV Uganda has really made a great effort to this cause. This brand has the Majority Social Media follow of 95,615 among all considered three Social Networks.

NTV Uganda has a vibrant Facebook following (54,516 Likes) ranking #2 most popular Ugandan Brand page on this particular social network and the television company has efficiently made use of her productions to engage and interact with fans on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. NTV Uganda is the Social Media Giant on Twitter and YouTube with at least 32, 851 Followers and 9,248 Subscribers respectively hence a total 95,615 followers as of 1stOctober 2012 on the three platforms.

NTV’s most popular post on Facebook for the last 30 days as of 1st October 2012 gathered atleast 328 comments, shares and likes. It was: “What is your prediction for Tonight’s World Super Middle Weight Title Fight between Uganda’s Ronald Mugula and Andras Nagy from Hungary?”

MTN Uganda is Number 2 Top Corporate brand on Social Media

MTN Uganda comes second to NTV. They are the Facebook giants. The telecommunication giant has for the past months exhibited a lot of innovativeness with an intention to attract more fans and interactively engage these followers. With amazing promotions such as Sukuma, Fastest Fingers, the Uganda Cranes Win Tickets Campaign and now the Schools App promotion, MTN Uganda Facebook page has become a part of many individuals’ Social Media Life.  Thanks to these promotions, the page has attracted huge numbers of new followers plus owning the most engaging posts across.

The most popular Post of MTN Uganda page of Facebook for the last 30 days runs with at least, 19,751 comments, shares and likes (it was about winning 50 Uganda Cranes Tickets). The page had an average of 11,347 engagement points per post for the last 30 days.  MTN Uganda majorly shares Text, Photos of their events, brand posters, plus a few news links about MTN and no videos.  MTN Uganda are the User Engagement Giants with 19/20 points and a total of 88/100 Points ranking #2 Top Brand on Social Media.

Compared to NTV, the overall leading brand on social media, MTN has 4,618 followers on Twitter whereas NTV has 32, 851 Followers and MTN has 11 subscribers on YouTube whereas NTV has 9,248 subscribers.

The list of Uganda’s Top 20 Corporate Brands on Social media, 2012


Link To PDF REPORT: Uganda Top 20 Corporate Brands on Social Media 2012