Warren Carew (Dr.)

Posted on August 25, 2019

Warren Carew (Dr.)

Warren Carew was recently promoted to VP and General Manager of ModusBox EMEA. Mr. Carew joined ModusBox in early 2018 as a recognized expert in digital financial services. He was a key contributor to the success of M-PESA while with Vodafone, and previously served as the CTO for the Mobile Money Americas Corporation.

Below is a summary of his Profile.

Warren has been working as a lead technologist in the Digital Financial Services (DFS) industry since 2005 when he played a leading role in the team that created and launched the industry shaping mobile money service M-PESA in 2007.

Since Vodafone’s M-PESA, Warren has worked as CTO on a number of mobile money solutions and is a keen advocate of open APIs and promoting the interoperability of operational services. Warren’s mission is to allow the inventions of the fintech revolution to push the frontiers of financial service until financial inclusion is possible for individuals right across the economic spectrum.

As a DFS expert, Warren has represented Mobile Money Americas Corp in conversations with the IFC, CGAP, and US Government via the Federal Reserve Faster Payments Task Force. This was a task force considering modernisation of the entire US payment landscape, and along with the CEO, Warren led the team to successfully press for regulatory change in the USA to accommodate what the US Federal Reserve recognised as an innovative, practical and achievable solution to increase financial inclusion in one of the world’s largest and most crowded financial landscapes.

Before becoming active in DFS, Warren worked in distributed process control and technology consulting across multiple sectors.

As a technologist focused on delivering real-world value, Warren balances stakeholder requirements, building teams within existing organisations or in greenfield situations, and strives to deliver business value via agile, manageable, scalable, high-quality solutions. These are often large-scale distributed cloud-based solutions where he has demonstrated how forward-thinking architecture and practical systems design can be the key to unlocking efficiency and delivering customer-centric solutions.

Warren continues to provide technical leadership to financial service and technology companies; allowing his clients to exploit new opportunities or transform legacy business.