Interest Savings – By Reagan Adams of Luzira Secondary School #SchoolChallenge

Posted on July 22, 2018

Interest Savings – By Reagan Adams of Luzira Secondary School #SchoolChallenge

A student article submitted as participation in the 2018 Schools’ Financial Inclusion Challenge. #SchoolChallenge #IncludeEveryone #DIAA2018 

First Name: Mugabe
Last Name: Reagan Adams
Gender Identification: male
Age: 15-18
School Name: luzira secondary school
Class: Senior 3
Topic Entered: 1. What should be done better to improve opening and operating savings accounts for minors?
Essay Summary: Lead by example,talk open about money with them{minors},give them fake money,be equitable,pay them fairly,pay them interest,minors should be paid market rate interest on the money they save.
Essay/Poem: HOW ADAMS IMPROVED HIS SAVINGS.Round and round,Adams screams.
one day Adams was at school.
A lady talked about savings accounts,
Adams noted done all the words that the lady spoke,
Despite the fact that he was fear from the lady,
He missed out some points,
After the lady had communicated ,Adams’ heart was not at rest
He lucky rushed to the lady and asked her a lot of questions.Adams started saving the little money he was getting,
Many children in his class adopted the spirit of saving money.
They formed circles at school and started saving,
They opened up an account with finance trust bank that always gave them interest at the end of every month.

At the end of the year every person always elated with a big smile.
This encouraged many of them to save and open up accounts seeing Adams’ prosperity.

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