Start Saving ASAP: Use #MoKash and other digital tools to save

You should start saving ASAP, today not tomorrow, this week not next week. Now and not when you get a raise. Not next year but today. The money you put in your savings fund now will have more time to grow through the power of compound growth.

Digital tools have made saving automated. For instance; MTN Mokash has AutoSaving product that can collect money from your mobile money account daily, weekly, monthly and have this saved in an interest earning account.

Additionally, with online and mobile banking, it is much more easier to transfer money to your saving account

FINANCIAL LITERACY: Start Saving NOW!  Use #MoKash and other Digital tools to Save. #DiFiExpo @BOU_Official @MoICT_Ug


DIgital Saving

DIgital Saving


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