DIAA 2014 Research Report featuring Top 20 Brands on Social Media in Africa


LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM and KAMPALA, UGANDA - Cyberplc Limited has announced the release of a research report to help your organisation to maximise the returns to investment in web, mobile and social media. Digital applications include digital financial services such as mobile money and online banking; e-services such as utilities; e-commerce and digital marketing campaigns. The report provides you unique expert insights into best practice in the fast changing deployments and use of digital infrastructure. Overall, the report aims to provide insights to help your organisations ensure that digital investments enable business rather than expose you to more operational, financial, reputational and regulatory risk.

The report is a product of the Digital Impact Awards Africa (DIAA), a project that promotes good cybersecurity practice in web, mobile, social media and digital financial service applications.

"The new digital infrastructure is transforming the way businesses and governments deliver services. Customers have also taken to the connected world because it offers greater choice, personalisation and generally cheaper goods and services. However, we are concerned that cybersecurity issues are denying our society the maximum dividend from the digital world," said Dr. Frederick Wamala, DIAA Chair and Chief Cybersecurity Consultant at Cyberplc Limited.

"Cybersecurity is no longer a purely technical issue. National and business leaders increasingly recognise that system downtime, unauthorised disclosure and modification of user data could lead to the materialisation of operational, reputational, regulatory and financial risks," he added.

Benefits of the Report

The report will allow you to:

  • Profit from insights of over 30 global experts on how to maximise returns to your investment in web, mobile and social media applications.
  • Learn how the uneven adoption of best practice is preventing organisations from realising the full benefits of digital infrastructure.
  • Discover how the failure to follow good cybersecurity practice leads to loss of customers, increases promotional budgets and risk of regulatory intrusion.
  • Understand what leading brands are doing well online and where they too need to improve.
  • Review competitive dynamics in web, mobile, social media and digital finance applications.
  • Gauge your organisation's success online in relation to other brands.
  • Use our expert insights to increase the monetary rewards and sustainability of interactions with customers on web, mobile and social media platforms.

Top 20 Brands on Social Media in Africa

We are delighted to announce the Top 20 Brands on Social Media in Africa. MTN leads the Africa Social Media Ranking with a score of 4.33 out of 5. The summary results are in Table 1 below. Obtain detailed metrics in the full report.

 Top-10-Brands-Social-Media-Africa-Digital-Impact-Awards-AfricaTable 1 - Top 20 Brands on Social Media in Africa (Source: Cyberplc Limited & HiPipo (U) Ltd)

Africa Social Media Ranking by Sector

We also ranked brands in selected sectors. The winners in the selected categories are:

  • Top E-Commerce Brand on Social Media in Africa:  OLX
  • Top Retail Brand on Social Media in Africa: Shoprite
  • Top Food and Beverages Brand on Social Media in Africa: Knorr
  • Top Health & Beauty Brand on Social Media in Africa: Natures Gentle Touch

Top 10 Media Brands on Social Media in East Africa

We further ranked the top media brands in East Africa. As summarised in Table 2 below, NTV is the top media brand on social media in East Africa with a score of 4.7 out of 5. Obtain detailed metrics in the full report.


Table 2 - Top 10 Media Brands on Social Media in East Africa (Source: Cyberplc Limited & HiPipo (U) Ltd)

This report is very timely because it identifies the cybersecurity issues that all organisations must address to meet customer and regulatory requirements. User survey in the report show that customers now choose services with good cybersecurity in terms of system reliability and protection of transactional details. The report also underlines the value of service innovation.

How to get the report

For all companies and individuals that want to access the details of this report, the report is available for a cost of $1,500.

 Download Snapshot Free Copy of the Report

Digital-Impact-Awards-Africa-2014-Research-Report-Snapshot Free Download

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